why warehouse with midwest3pl

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  • Logistics is our core function
  • Cost reduction
  • Work closely with you to build a lasting partnership
  • Real time service levels
  • Will work with your technology to integrate a solution that will fit your requirements
  • Incorporated in 1974

Core Beliefs

Core competencies are the key skills, characteristics and assets that are organization brings to the marketplace. These competencies, on an organizational level, are a synergistic blending of the core competencies we bring to work everyday. Working to build strong strategic alliances that will support logistics and delivering on them everyday.



Overall reduction in Cost

By working closely with the shipper so that all the information is provided we avoid duplication of efforts, and using ABB (activity based budget) creates a cost savings, and reduction in capital deployment.


Our company is about trust, and relationship building. Communications is a must in any partnership and we will keep this at the forefront of all our day to day functions. Since we have a shared goal of customer focus, this focus will build a stronger base that will push all interaction to the next level.

Your request is very important at Midwestern Trading and is handled with great importance. You can expect a fast turnaround on all requests and a high quality end outcome.

Real time service levels

Our WMS system and windispatch systems will allow anyone to be able to view the interaction with our product in real-time. Each one of our systems is interlinked. From the forklift to the front desk, to the reporting all systems talk to each other so that you the customer can view these in real time.

Will work with your technology to integrate a solution that will fit your requirements

The I.T department at Midwestern Trading is very knowledgeable and can engineer any technology requirement that your company may need. From EDI to unique tracking of your product we will work with you integrate with all technologies. 

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